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My son couldn't make a jump shot ...


But after only one session he was making several in a row. He was so happy he started jumping up and down. This was only one sesson and learning one skill. Thanks Coach!


-Mrs. Johnson

NOVA'S Mentoring.....


Working with Coach Tanks was unique to me personally.

Although he was my coach, it was never just about sports. He came around at a time when I needed a big brother/father figure to help guide me in the right direction. Now I'm at Tiffin University which is the same college he attended. Besides sports, I can honestly say that the man cares about the youth's future . I recommend that young adults come under his wing.


Eugene Cannaday  Tiffin University   All American Track & Field

NOVA'S Training ......


The Nova experience was the best thing to ever happen to my basketball game. The repetitiveness in the drills and training help to really sharpen your skills. Skill abilities become second nature and scenarios during training sessions help you develop a better understanding of the game overall.


Malik Breackenridge  Point Guard     Wilberforce University

NOVA's Attention to Detail ......


An individual improvement plan separates them from the rest.

-Mr. Hill

Dreams Become Reality .....


Coach Tanks came into my life back in 2009. He helped me achieve my dream in being a college student athlete. God blessed me with the opportunity to meet him and he has been in my life since we first met. Always believe through prayer and hard work anything is possible.  Thank You Sir !!!

                                                            - Marcus Bennett



The Media is saying .....

For Nova, a non-shoe sponsored team to make it this far speaks volumes about the program. Kids played great team ball. (2014 DI AAU National Championship Game)


  -  Zach Fleer  Staff Contributor 270 Hoops                                                                  


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